Zámbó Gergő

Digital Product Designer,

I am a digital product designer specializing in typography with in-depth knowledge of web design theories and front-end best practices working at vmly&r. Previously I have been working at mito. I studied digital product design, web development, press technics and design theory.



Brand & Website Redesign

I took part in the rebranding of Graphisoft, the company behind Archicad. I worked on the brand identity and the entire website redesign from the initial ux workshops, from the redesigned information architecture to the final high-fidelity designs.


Brand & Website Redesign

Centropa is a nonprofit organization focused on preserving the history of Jewish people. I redesigned the brand identity using vivid colors and workhorse typefaces. The job’s central part was to develop a design system with the developers to serve the site’s complex educational and search purposes.

Eötvös Loránd University

Website Redesgin Research

I participated in redesigning the website of elte, the largest university in Hungary. The ux research covered solutions for the website’s flawed navigation, information architecture, and accessibility issues. My research got awarded by the university leadership.

Night of the Artefacts

Landing Page Design

Night of the Artefacts Making the Invisible Visible was a environmental jewelry design project. I designed a sustainable microsite to complement the message. The project won multiple awards at the Hungarian Golden Blade Advertising Competition and a Bronze Drum at the Golden Drum Competition.

POLICE Rebel Yell

Web App Design

police Rebel Yell was an underground rock music talent competition. It was a web based music streaming app built from scratch with great emphasis on a unique brand identity. My primary role was to design the user flows, the subpages, the underlying design system and the social media ads.

Plan Pal

Web App Design

Plan Pal is a prototype for a desktop app to help design better public spaces. We wanted to create a simple online whiteboarding tool like FigJam to help architects and public servants conduct group interviews. The project included desk research, interviewing, wireframing, prototyping, user interface design and usability testing.